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Macassar Dunes Nature Reserve to host “Dunes Day Water Week 2008”

by City of Cape Town
on 13 Mar 2008
City of Cape Town
City of Cape Town

The Macassar Dunes Nature Reserve, Cape Flats Nature, Ilitha Lomso (Community Environmental Organisation) and the Macassar Dunes Co-Management Association, are hosting a Dunes Day programme on the 17, 18 and 19 March 2008 at Macassar Dunes Nature Reserve.

This is an annual event where approximately 180 primary school learners from schools in Khayelitsha and Macassar, particularly those schools closest to the reserve, visit the reserve over a three day period (i.e. 60 learners per day).

The main theme for the programme is water awareness, as it falls within National Water Week and the selected site is the area bordered by the Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works and the Eerste River estuary.

Learners will be taught about the importance of water in our environment and the various roles that water plays in our everyday lives, using Macassar as an example. Four stations will be set up, each focusing on a different key aspect of water e.g. one of the stations will involve a tour of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Each station will be manned by City of Cape Town Nature Conservation staff members and volunteers who will interact with the learners and bring across a message of awareness.

Macassar Dunes Nature Reserve houses a large variety of ecosystems, ranging from dunes to estuaries and each of these impacts the other in one way or another, whether it is bird species nesting in dunes and feeding in the estuary, or soil erosion from the dunes causing sedimentation in the estuary.

With the abundance of flora and fauna species found in the reserve, we wish to educate learners about the impacts of deteriorating water quality on this wildlife and how they can do something to change this.

This Dunes Day programme is particularly important in the context of urban expansion moving closer to Macassar Dunes. We look forward to a situation where the greatest ambassadors and caretakers of the dunes are those people living closest to them.

You are welcome to join us and to become a communication partner in this important development project.

DATE: 17, 18 and 19 March 2008
TIME: 10:00-13:00
PLACE: Macassar Waste Water Treatment Works off Macassar Road, opposite Macassar Community.


NO. 87/2008
13 MARCH 2008

TEL: 021 400 3719

TEL: 021 371 5141
CELL: 082 900 8630

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