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Scuba diving ban to save perlemoen

by Selwyn Bergman
on 05 Dec 2007
Oceanography SA
Oceanography SA

In an attempt to protect endangered abalone (perlemoen) stocks, the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, has imposed a ban on scuba diving and snorkelling along certain areas around the Western Cape coastline. People who disobey the ban can receive a fine of up to R500 000 or two years imprisonment, or both.

The law, which is to take effect from February 2008, will prohibit scuba diving and snorkelling in the Bird Island Marine Protected Area; around Robben Island; the stretch of coastline between Venus Pool and Olifantsbos; around Dyer Island; and the stretch of coastline from Quoin Point to Danger Point. According to the Environmental Affairs ministry, the law is aimed at preventing perlemoen poaching syndicates from using divers to illegally harvest perlemoen from the ocean.

However, people who are engaged in scientific reasearch, white shark-cage diving, commercial kelp harvesting or sea ranching may apply for permits to continue their activies.

The ban follows the announcement of a suspension on the commercial harvesting of perlemoen fishing, which is also due to take effect in February 2008.

For more information, see the DEAT website (www.environment.gov.za) or download the DEAT media statement.

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