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Possible wave power for South Africa

by Selwyn Bergman
on 11 Feb 2008
Oceanography SA
Oceanography SA

A Canadian-based company is conducting an assessment for a wave power plant in South Africa that could potentially generate 20MW of electricity for the country. According to their website, the assessment investigates the energy infrastructure, wave resource and the environmental characteristics of the locations.

They are also in the process of assessing the necessary permit requirements.

The company, Finavera Renewables makes use of modular wave energy converters called AquaBuOYs that are moored several kilometres offshore. The AquaBuOYs convert the vertical component of the wave energy into electricity and transfer this to the shore via a submerged transmission line.

South Africa is one of five locations where Finavera is engaged in wave energy projects. The largest of which, in Coos County, Oregon, United States as well as Figueira da Foz in Portugal both have the potential to be expanded to 100MW plants.

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